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WindSync for Endurance (WiSE)

The new and innovative, fully independent remote monitoring and control system for Endurance turbines

Visualwind, Boston Renewables and DC21 have collaborated to develop a new remote monitoring and control system for Endurance E and X Series wind turbines.

WindSync for Endurance (WiSE), provides all owners of E Series wind turbines with a robust and fully featured alternative to ERIC, previously operated by Endurance Windpower.

WiSE uses a physical device located at the base of the turbine which can be accessed both locally and remotely.

WiSE has been developed to allow turbines to be monitored, controlled and operated completely independently of any third parties. WiSE has 100% of the control features for the E-series turbines, including manual mode, smart idle and locking.

Wise is operated via an SSL Virtual Private Network (VPN) offering increased reliability and uptime.

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Key benefits and advantages of WiSE

  • Puts complete control in the hands of the turbine owner
  • Live data direct from turbines
  • Compatible with desktop, tablet and mobile devices
  • Enhanced data analysis provides visual power curve
  • Other features such as downtime analysis
  • Brings big wind analytics to the small wind market
  • Transparency of turbine performance and reliability