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DC21’s Million kWh Champagne Hamper Raffle!

DC21 commissioned their first wind turbine, Rita an Endurance E-3120, on December 29th 2011. Rita is on track to have generated one million units of electricity at some point in December 2015. Rita will be one of the first Endurance E-3120 wind turbines in the UK to achieve this milestone. To celebrate DC21 are running a free raffle for all of our existing customers, and anyone who has one of our free feasibility studies in 2015.

Rita’s production currently stands at 875,000 kWh and it is anticipated that the million kWh milestone will be achieved at some point in December 2015.
To enter just come and see DC21, have your free feasibility study, and then chose your 15 minute interval between December 1st and December 31st 2015 and we will announce the winner as soon as Rita reaches a million kWh.
The winner will be the entrant that chooses the 15 minute interval when Rita reaches a million kWh, or the nearest.

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Rita was developed by DC21 for the land owner Melvyn Phillips who runs a Trotting Stable and Beef Cattle Farm on the Pennine Hills near Huddersfield. Melvyn now benefits from a healthy rent payment and cheap electricity from the Endurance E-3120 wind turbine that is owned and operated by DC21.
“DC21 enabled me to access the benefits of having a wind turbine on the farm without any of the hassle” Melvyn Eastwood, Round Ings Farm, Outland, Huddersfield.
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