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The MOD and NATS are now frequently objecting to wind turbine developments. Often this will happen without a detailed analysis on their part.
DC21 have been very successful in defeating MOD and NATS objections, often our competitors just walk away.


Bacup, a single Endurance E-3120 was objected to by NATS, and DC21 appeal the planning decision. At the hearing DC21 presented a strong case to the inspector are argued against the NATS experts, DC21 defeated NATS on this point.

Wilpshire, three Endurance E-3120 wind turbines, objected to by the MoD at Warton. The turbines were less than 30km from the radar and in “line-of-sight”, the MoD argued unacceptable impact on radar operation. DC21 appealed the planning decision and prepared a comprehensive report for the planning hearing. The MoD withdrew 2 weeks before the hearing, and the appeal was allowed.