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Purchase Wind Turbine

With the customer at the heart of our business DC21 offer a bespoke turnkey service suited to the needs of our client.

With project costs starting at around £250K with a potential yield of 200,000kWh per annum for a 50kW wind turbine the potential for diversification in to renewable generation becomes a real option for anyone with a suitable site.

Offering only the most reliable and established products on the market we are so confident in our choices that we own and operate our own fleet.

At DC21 we believe in active turbine management, offering monitoring and tech support as standard, quite often we have dealt with potential issues before our customers have been alerted. Our customers can be assured of continued support throughout the life of their turbine as we are walking the same path and understand the complexities of owning and operating wind turbines. This stands us apart from our competitors and gives added confidence to our customers.

DC21 has a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of the industry and we feel that DC21 can bring your project to life in a timely and efficient manner.

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