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Land Rental wind turbine

Land Rental

DC21 offer the benefits of renewable energy by installing a wind turbine without the risk or costs usually associated with such a large project.

DC21 installs a wind turbine on your land and in return you receive a guaranteed quarterly income or cheaper energy bills from land rental, with zero cost or risk. DC21 will own and operate the turbine and generate income from the Feed-in-Tariff and exported electricity.

Does Your Site Offer

  • A clear open aspect
  • A good uninterrupted wind resource
  • Nearby 3 phase electricity connection
  • At least 250m from the nearest non associated property

You Can Benefit From:

Why Choose Us?

  • Free Site Assessment
  • Free Planning
  • Free Installation
  • Free Turbine
  • Free Grid Connection
  • Free ongoing operation and mainenance
  • Guaranteed minimum annual income with indexation
  • Annual generation bonus payments
  • Free legal advice
  • Proven track record selecting high yield sites

What Client’s Say

“DC21 enabled me to access the benefits of having a wind turbine on the farm without any of the hassle. The field where the turbine has been built has our training circuit for the horses, I thought we might need to introduce the horses gradually, but not one has been bothered by the turbine. A couple of our Shetland ponies like to shelter from the wind and rain right under the turbine.”
Melvyn Eastwood, Round Ings Farm
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